Sense of False Security


We’ve all seen the popular Christmas “Home Alone” movies, and if you were lucky like I was, you were a child when they came out and enjoyed them thoroughly. One of the most memorable parts of the movie for me, was when the robbers first arrived in their targeted neighborhood. One of them questioned the other as to why they were scoping out the fancy suburb in the bright light of day. The answer was simple: We’re in the suburbs. Nobody’s home in the suburbs in the middle of the day. The kids are at school and their parents are working in the city. It made excellent sense to my eight-year old brain then, and it still does today. Even though people work hard to buy homes in safe suburban areas, without a home security system, that sense of safety is often a false one.
Many homeowners use the fact that they live in a safe neighborhood as an excuse not to invest in home security. This excuse is unfortunately, a poor one. The safer a neighborhood is, like the one featured in “Home Alone,” the more secure homeowners feel, and therefore the less likely they are to equip their home with an alarm system. Criminals know this too, so the sense of security obtained from living in a safe neighborhood is largely false. Additionally, when you factor in that criminals also know that those who live in safer neighborhoods are more likely to have the means to travel and be away from home for long periods of time, that secluded, suburban haven isn’t as safe as it seems.
This logic applies to gated communities as well. Those who live in gated communities are also prone to a false sense of security. Just because a community is gated, doesn’t mean that the homes inside won’t be targeted by burglars. Most gated communities are only equipped with small gates or fences that are but tiny obstacles to practiced thieves. Further, gated communities are often just that. Without a guard at the entrance asking for identification for visitors, and only a garage door opener required to access the community, just about anybody can follow a vehicle in. Therefore, no matter where you live, in the city, in the suburbs, in Fort Knox itself, protecting your home with a security system is always a good idea.

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