Security Systems Explained

Feel safer, and smarter, by knowing more about home alarm systems


Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide has been called the “silent killer.” A monitored carbon monoxide detector can help alert your system when high levels of this deadly gas are detected.

Door and Window Contacts:

When a door or window is opened, a contact sensor is triggered, sending an alarm signal to a customer monitoring center.

Emergency Phone:

Some alarm companies sell phones that include emergency assistance and audible personal alarms.

Fire Detector:

In some systems, when a smoke/fire detector is triggered, it can transmit a signal to a monitoring center, which can notify the fire department to come to your aid.

Glass Break Detectors:

These devices can trigger an alarm when they detect the sound or vibration of breaking glass.

Keychain Remote:

This accessory allows you to arm or disarm your system, open your garage door or turn on the lights in your home.

Light Activation:

Some security systems turn on your lamps when either a fire or an intruder is detected. Light activation can also be controlled via a remote.

Low Temperature Sensors:

These sensors can alert a monitoring center when temperatures inside your home drop below a pre-set level.

Medical Emergency Pendant:

Push the button on these pendants and medical help can be summoned.

Motion Detector:

These can detect movement and can turn on lights or alarms.

Phone Activation:

With a touch-tone phone, you can turn some security systems on and off.

Paging Features:

Some systems can use a paging feature to alert you of break-ins, fires or simply when the kids come home.

Two-Way Voice Keypad:

This device checks the status of your system from outside your home.

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