Security Devices for Doors

  • Alarms — designed to warn of burglaries; this is often an alarm triggered when a door is opened while the alarm is active and the police or guards are warned with or without indication to the burglar, which increases the chances of catching him or her.
  • Burglar Deterrent CD’s — Home occupancy sounds recorded on a CD. The CD is played when the home owner is away, to mimic the home occupancy activities.
  • Deadbolts — many manufacturers make deadbolts that are resistant to impact failure, picking and lock bumping. However, most deadbolts are not very secure. Consumer Reports Magazine’s testing showed that many manufacturers make deadbolts that break apart and otherwise fail when force is applied to the door.
  • Door strike reinforcers — In general there are two products: frame reinforces, made to prevent delamination and or splitting of the door frame, and strike plate reinforcers, made to prevent the strike plate from being ripped out of the frame. Frame reinforces are metal strips installed vertically on or behind the door frame, on the hinge side they are known as Birmingham bars and on the strike plate side are known as London bars. Strike plate reinforcers secure the deadbolt pocket beyond the thin door frame material, directly to the stud or other wall.
  • Door reinforcements — various products are made to prevent delamination and or splitting of the door. Sheet steel plate can be placed behind or under the deadbolt and wrap the door edge to prevent breaking the door around the deadbolt. Heavy duty products that place plates on either side the door tied together with screws or bolts prevent can be used to prevent delamination.
  • Door chains — allows the doors to be opened slightly to view outside while still remaining locked.
  • Secondary, internal locks — sliding bolts, hooks and specialty latches, metal blocks or bars mounted internally.
  • Door viewers — small fish-eye lenses that allow residents to view outside without opening the door.
  • Door windows — there are three common methods to add security to windows in or beside doors: security bars and grates, security films (coatings applied to the glass in windows to reinforce it), or breakage resistant windows (plexiglas, lexan, and other glass replacement products).
  • Hinge screws — longer or specialized screws that prevent the door from being simply pushed in after removing the hinge pins.
  • Sliding door / patio door locks — there are numerous specialized products to prevent sliding doors from being defeated easily.
  • Visibility — Most police departments recommend shrubs be cleared from near doorways to reduce the chance of a burglar being hidden from public view

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