Safety Precautions for Your Rural Home


Though humans are generally social creatures, frequently we feel the need to set ourselves apart from society and escape to the countryside.  We crave the solitude provided by dense forest, the peacefulness of a lake nestled deep in the woods, and the relaxation of knowing we won’t be disturbed by wailing emergency sirens and other obnoxious city sounds.  Though the unity we feel with nature leads to a sense of security while we’re at our rural homes, there are still several safety concerns we should keep in mind while enjoying our time in the country.

First of all, though many of us feel the need to get as far away from the city as we possibly can, in some circumstances the seclusion of a rural home can pose a danger to our safety and the safety of the ones that we love.  While seclusion on the surface seems to be a wonderful idea, in emergency situations it is less than ideal.  The distance between your home in the countryside and the nearest emergency respondent can often be upwards of ten to twenty miles.  Therefore, in the event of an emergency, you can be looking at a response time that may exceed a half of an hour or more.

The best way to cut down on response time, first and foremost is to ensure that your call for help is received, and secondly, that it is received as soon as humanly possible.  We all know that cellphone reception is less than perfect outside the city and that rural landlines often fall victim to fierce storms and animal tampering.  Because many home security systems like those provided by ADT, don’t require a working landline, when at your rural home, you can be sure that your call for help will get through to a capable emergency operator every time.

Additionally, ADT’s home security system will put you in contact with an operator quickly with just the push of a single button.  The operator knows exactly where the call is coming from too, so you don’t have to waste time telling them where you are.  Every second counts in an emergency, especially a rural one, so if you’re living in the country, there’s no better way to protect yourself than with an easy-to-use alarm system from ADT.
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