fire protectionADT® Fire Protection Is Always On

fire protection
Critical to your family's safety, photoelectric smoke/heat detector provide the ultimate protection of life and property. Since they install without drilling holes or running wires, they preserve the beauty of your home while protecting it.


ADT monitored alarm systems can help prevent unfortunate deaths like these.

The National Fire Protection Association reported that 2,640 people suffered fatalities during home structure fires. Out of these deaths, 62% occurred in homes without working smoke alarms.


How The Fire Protection Works In Your Home:

  • An ADT monitored smoke or fire detector will signal the customer monitoring center when there is a smoke or fire emergency.
  • As soon as the ADT monitoring center receives notification of a smoke or fire alarm sounding within your home, a professionally trained agent will take action by contacting your local fire department to dispatch a response team to the location of your emergency.


adt fire protection detectorWireless Smoke/Heat Detector

Reliable smoke and heat detectors will pick up on fire emergencies even if you are asleep or away.


ADT fire protection dispatch

Alerts & Sends for Help When You’re Not Home

The ADT monitored security system's smoke/heat detector sends a signal to the dispatch team quickly so that your home and family stay protected.


adt fire protection routerWireless- Installed Anywhere, Quick and Easy

Communicates with your alarm system and ADT without wires.



How Does ADT Monitoring Help You Save Money?

In addition to helping saves lives, ADT fire protections is helping customers save money every day. Property loss due to fire damage amounts to more than $11 billion dollars every year.(source:National Fire Protection Association) Since ADT fire protection is able to immediately dispatch emergency personnel during a fire, responders can work quickly to put out a fire before it becomes unmanageable—saving you money and sparing you the pain of losing the home and belongings you have worked so hard for.

ADT customers may also be eligible for discounts of up to 20%  from their home insurance company. (check with your insurance agent for details).

adt fire protection

Your Security Equipment Package Includes:

wireless sensor(6) Door or Window Sensors

Other companies only include (3)

fire protection keypad(1) Backlit Keypad

Easy to read in day or night.

fire protection fob(1) Keychain Remote

Easily alarm and disarm


fire protection sensor(1) Motion Sensor

Pet Immune Motion Detector

fire protection battery(1) Backup Battery

Protection from power outages

fire protection siren(1) High Decibel Siren

Alerts you & intruders of violation

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