Monitored Home Security Systems

By choosing to install a home security system, you have already taken an important step towards protecting the safety and security of your home. However, many people don’t fully understand the differences between monitored home security systems, and how they provide a different level of protection. In addition to this, there are specific types of monitoring that can be integrated into security systems, which also affects the type of protection provided. Security system monitoring provides many benefits, which positively affect your safety and the overall security of your home.

How a Monitored Security System Works

With a monitored home security system, your home is directly connected to a security center that monitors the status of your home at all times. This security center is alerted when any of the components or monitoring devices in your system are triggered. For most systems, this alert causes the center to immediately send an automatic phone call, text message, email or other alert directly to you (depending on your monitoring plan, features and other factors). If the situation is confirmed to be an emergency, the security center will immediately alert the fire, police or medical authorities about the status of your home.

Benefits of Monitored Home Security Systems

By purchasing a security system that includes 24/7 monitoring, you are ensuring that your home will be under constant surveillance. Depending on the features that you choose to include in your security system, this can mean that your home will have a measure of protection in case of burglary, fire, flood, property trespassers, carbon monoxide or freezing temperatures. If you choose to add a video surveillance system to your monitored home security system, you can greatly increase the security of your home. A video surveillance system is usually designed to give you access to live video of your home while you are away. This can help you to detect a burglar, monitor babysitters, check on your children or even monitor potential intruders on your property. With recording monitored surveillance cameras, you may even be able to use it as evidence against a burglar in court.

Types of Monitoring


There are generally three different types of monitoring that are used with home security systems:

  • Landline Monitoring
  • Broadband Internet/Wireless Monitoring
  • Two-Way Voice Monitoring

As a general explanation, landline monitoringis designed for households that currently have a landline telephone. This is because the security system control panel is usually directly connected to a phone line, through which it is able to contact a security monitoring center.
With internet monitoring, a security system is able to protect a home that does not currently have a landline telephone. The security system is able to access an internet connection, which it uses to send alerts to your company’s security center, as well as your cell phone or email account.
Two-Way Voice Monitoringis a unique feature that allows a person inside a monitored home to directly communicate with a security representative through their security system’s control panel. This can be useful in emergencies where a person is detained, or has fallen and become injured. Two-Way Voice Monitoring is also useful for households with residents who use a “panic button” to alert their system of an emergency. This feature is available with many monitored security systems.

So, Which Monitoring System is “Best”?

The answer is largely dependent on your particular home security needs, your living situation and the features that you choose to include with your system. With an internet monitoring system, you usually gain the ability to access information about your home’s security from practically anywhere. A landline monitoring system, while traditional, may not have this capability if not also connected to the internet. Two-Way voice monitoring can be useful, but many companies charge extra. However, if you need this feature, including it can be a good way to increase the effectiveness of your security system.
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