Items Most at Risk in a Break-In

Burglars have three objectives when breaking into a house:  they want to be in there for as little time as possible, they’d prefer not to get caught in the act or afterwards, and they want to get their hands on the most valuable things in your home.  Though often times large televisions and computers are stolen, thieves know that walking out of your house with your husband’s 24-karat gold, life-size Michael Jordan statute is sure to draw unwanted attention from passersby.  Therefore, your smallest, most valuable items have the highest risk of being stolen in a break-in.

Also, the easier thieves can sell the stolen items for cash, the more likely they are to be stolen.  So extremely personalized items, though valuable to you and your family, will often get left behind.  To help you identify what needs extra protection in your home, we’ve made a list of the top items that are stolen most frequently during break-ins.  Consider locking these items in a safe when you’re away, but as always, the best way to protect your valuables is to remember to lock your windows and doors and set your ADT alarm anytime you leave the house.

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards

If there’s money lying out anywhere in your home, a thief is not going to hesitate to take it.  Whether it’s a fifty dollar bill or a nickel, it’s still cash.  The obvious advantage about stealing money from people’s houses is that burglars don’t have to turn it into cash to make a profit.  The same goes for credit cards and checks.  If someone is going to risk breaking into your home, they aren’t going to think twice about forging a check. Plus, there are places around your house that don’t ask for identification when credit cards are used.  You can bet that a thief knows exactly which places these are.


Your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are probably among some of the smallest, most valuable items in your home.  Plus, robbers love jewelry because they don’t have to worry about getting it out of the house.  They can just toss it in their pockets or throw it around their neck and simply walk out of the house wearing it.  While some of your jewelry may indeed be expensive, burglars aren’t going to hang out and make sure what they are taking is real.  So unfortunately, the sentimental jewelry that was passed down for generations is likely to be taken in a robbery as well.

Small Electronics, DVDs and Video Games

I recently lost my cell phone and there was a three hundred dollar long distance call on it when I got the monthly bill in the mail.  Things like cell phones, I-pods, I-pads, and PDAs can be both very valuable to thieves themselves and have a high resale value on the street.  In addition, medium-sized devices like laptops and video game consoles are often taken as well, as are any DVDs, CDs or video games that are out in the open.

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