How to Change Battery in 5808 Smoke Detector?

The smoke detector checks for low batteries at least every 60 minutes. If a low battery is detected, the transmitter sends a low battery message to the control panel, which beeps and displays the detector’s ID. This condition will exist for a minimum of seven days, and then the detector’s horn will “chirp” about every 40 seconds. The batteries should be replaced BEFORE the chirps begin. BE SURE TO REPLACE BOTH BATTERIES WITH FRESH ONES.


  1. Put your alarm system into TEST mode (typically by entering your user code plus the number 5 [TEST] plus the number 0 on the touchpad). The alarm sounder will sound momentarily. While the alarm system is in the TEST mode, the touchpad will beep about every 30 seconds.
  2. Remove the smoke detector body from its mounting base by turning the detector body counterclockwise approximately 1⁄2-inch.
  3. Remove the first battery by lifting the end nearest the edge of the smoke detector body. Slide the remaining battery toward the edge and remove it. Dispose of the old batteries properly.Wait at least 30 seconds before installing new batteries.
  4. Install new CR123A Lithium batteries in the battery compartment. Follow the polarity diagram inside the compartment.
  5. Replace the smoke detector body by aligning the ridge on the body with the raised arrow on the base and turning the detector clockwise approximately 1⁄2-inch.
  6. Press the test button. Hold until touchpad activates(about30seconds), then release.
  7. Exit the alarm system TEST mode by entering your user code plus the number 1 (OFF). Enter your user code plus the number 1 (OFF) again. The low battery message should disappear.

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detector inspector / September 18, 2014
Maintenance of smoke alarm is very necessary also replace faulty and expired smoke detectors as soon as possible. Annual maintenance is very important for your life safety. The age of smoke Alarm could also matter for your safety purpose, So continuous testing and servicing of smoke alarm is very important for life safety .
Lokesh / July 21, 2012
I have been very impressed with alarms. A friend of mine used his alarm 6 months ago in a house fire. They saved his wife and kids. He had just bought them 6 months earlier. What a great product at the right time!I can't imagine my family living anywhere without having alarms in all the right places in my house.