How to Change Battery in 5804 Keychain Remote?

The 5804 is a compact, 4-button portable wireless transmitter intended for use only with wireless alarm systems that support 5800 Series receivers. The 5804 is powered by two replaceable lithium batteries designed to provide long life.


Battery: Use only Duracell DL2025
1. Put the alarm system into the TEST mode by entering your user code plus the number 5 (TEST) on the keypad. While the alarm system is in the TEST mode, the keypad will beep every 30 seconds.
2. Remove case back by inserting the blade of a small screwdriver into the seam around the case and prying the case open.
3. Remove the existing batteries by prying them out with a small screwdriver.
4. Push new batteries into case back locations. The + POS side must face down.
5. Close by snapping case front and back together.
6. Exit the alarm system TEST mode by entering your user code plus the number 1 (OFF).

Important Note: Do not remove Printed Circuit Board.

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