Honeywell Lynx Touch with Z-Wave®

honeywell_lynx_touchHoneywell’s newest LYNX Touch self-contained security system includes two alarm industry firsts that will allow installers to more easily provide local and remote services, which are increasingly popular among homeowners who want to control their security using mobile devices. The LYNX Touch 5100 is the first technology of its kind to offer Wi-Fi, as well as an alarm radio that can communicate via 4G network. The system also includes an optional Android™ tablet with a preloaded LYNX Touch 5100 application that serves as a mobile Internet device allowing users to control the system from within their Wi-Fi coverage area. It also fully integrates with Z-Wave-enabled thermostats, locks and lighting systems to create home automation capabilities at an affordable price.
Using Wi-Fi, installers can eliminate wire runs needed to connect alarm radios to Internet routers, a major step that greatly simplifies the process of getting LYNX Touch 5100 connected to the Internet. In addition to simplifying the installation process, Wi-Fi also represents the least expensive alarm communications path in the industry, and allows dealers to offer remote services
such as Honeywell’s Total Connect Basic package on any installation where an Internet connection is present. Homeowners can also choose to upgrade to more-advanced versions of Total Connect to obtain functionalities such as remote camera viewing, weather, news and traffic information, Z-Wave device control using and enhanced notifications using mobile devices.
The new 4G communicator also maximizes the system’s longevity and its capability to find and connect to any available communications network – whether it’s 2G, 3G or 4G – saving time and delivering a faster installation.
For those looking for a complete out the box solution for a brand new alarm system, the L5100PK is the ideal package of choice as it features three door or window transmitters, a remote keyfob and a motion sensor. It goes without saying that the L5100 is Honeywell’s newest intended game changer and it looks like they’re nailing a home run in the internet connected residential market.
Other key features of the LYNX Touch 5100 include Advanced Protection Logic that allows an alarm event to report even if the system is damaged, and two-way voice over GSM radio. The system supports all Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices. LYNX Touch 5100 will be available in June 2012.

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Don Levine / July 20, 2012
Great story and great package.