Home Security Systems are for Everyone

In past years, security systems used to be only available for people without a limited budget. With security technology becoming more efficient and effective, it’s now possible for anyone to gain the protection of a home security system. In today’s world, burglaries continue to occur each year, causing thousands of homeowners to suffer financial losses. Protecting your home with a security system is a cost-effective and intelligent way to protect your home. No matter your age, location, living situation or budget, there is a security system available that can cover all of your needs.

Apartment Residents

Many people aren’t aware that a rental residence may have up to a 79% higher chance of being burglarized than a purchased home, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. [1] A home security system can help decrease the chances that a burglar will be able to escape with your possessions, or be able to enter your apartment unnoticed.


Just because you live in a neighborhood with a “low” crime rate, doesn’t mean that you are not at risk for being the victim of a burglary. Many thieves target houses in “nice” neighborhoods, since they know that not many people believe it necessary to install a security system in a low-crime area. A security system is the best way to ensure that you, your home and your family will be safe at all times. In addition to this, many security systems provide features to warn against fire, flood, carbon monoxide and other disastrous events in your home. For your family’s safety, a security system is a very effective way to provide protection.

Senior Homeowners

If you are a senior homeowner, you are one of the people who can obtain the most beneficial protection from a home security system. As a senior homeowner, you may not have the mobility necessary to quickly alert authorities of an intruder or burglar in your home. A security system allows your house to have 24/7 monitoring by a company, which will alert authorities for you in the case of an emergency.

Living Alone

If you live by yourself, a security system is an essential part of safety – not only for your home, but for you as well. Persons living alone are often targeted by burglars, since a single resident is not as likely to be able to alert authorities quickly in the case of an emergency. In addition to this, while you are away (at work, running errands, out with friends, etc), your home is not protected against potential intruders. If you are a female living alone, you also run the risk of being a victim of peeping toms and other potentially dangerous predators. By installing a security system, you have the ability to protect your home from burglars, unwanted intruders and even some emergency situations (such as fire or flood).

Single Parents

If you are a single parent, you are already faced with many difficulties in protecting your family. Aside from supplementing an income, you also have the responsibility to protect your children from potentially dangerous situations. By installing a home security system, you can take a huge step towards ensuring that your family will be protected at all times. Many home security systems also offer video surveillance, which can be a great way to check on your children when they get home from school, or monitor the babysitter while you are away.

Suburban Living

If you live in a suburban area, protecting your home with a security system is also very important. Suburban homes are also commonly targeted by burglars, and will benefit from the protection provided by a home security system. Some systems even include a remote to arm, disarm and change features of the system while entering or leaving your home.
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