Home Security Is Much More Than Burglary Protection

A home security system is much more than burglary protection.  Just ask Karen Baker of Beech Grove, Indiana.  The suburban Indianapolis woman decided to have ADT install a monitored home security system in her father’s home just months after her mother passed away.  Less than 48 hours later her father, Walter Borders, used his ADT home security system to contact an ADT operator and request emergency assistance.  When the operator, Debbie Scoggins of Kansas City, Missouri, sent an emergency team to Borders’ residence in Indianapolis, they found him suffering from a massive heart attack.

In the early morning hours of May 16th, Walter Borders was rushed to a nearby hospital where his life was ultimately saved by the fast reactions of doctors, firefighters, EMTs, and the ADT operator.  Several weeks later on June 5th, that same emergency team, the responding firefighters, and ADT’s Debbie Scroggins gathered at Borders’ home to reunite under much calmer circumstances.  Everyone involved received honorary plaques and certificates for their efforts in saving Border’s life.  According to an Indy Star article, his daughter Karen is still in shock at how quickly after installation her dad had occasion to use the home security system.  She and the rest of her family are thankful that they chose to purchase the security system from ADT when they did.

If you have elderly loved ones living on their own that you care about, consider doing the same thing for them and having Blue Light Security come out and install a home security system.  In addition to the increased peace of mind provided by ADT’s fast alarm response, a home security system installed by Blue Light Security can also save you money on homeowner’s insurance.  Most insurance companies offer a discount of up to 20% on homes protected by ADT.


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