Home Security Definitions

Here you’ll find some common home security terms defined.

1. Breaking and Entering

When someone enters your house illegally with the intention of theft or assault.

2. False Alarm Reduction

Home and business owners can now choose a new type of keypad control panel and multiple other alarm devices, designed to help reduce false alarms.

3. Continually Monitored Alarm

This is a home security system that is monitored 24-7 by a security monitoring service.

4. Keychain Remote

Designed for convenience by allowing the security system user to remotely arm, disarm the security system and call emergency response from the device.

5. Door/Window Sensors ( wired or wireless)

Sensors trigger an alarm signal  from each opening and is transmitted to a control panel either through wires or wirelessly.

6. Home Security System

Home security systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. A home security system can be anything undertaken to protect your home from accidents and crime.

7. Motion Detectors

Sensors that alert the user of the presence of a moving object within the field of view. They form a vital component of comprehensive security systems, for both homes and businesses.

8. Security Consultation

An analysis of the threats in your neighbourhood and to your property.

9. Two-way Voice Monitoring

Monitored alarms and speaker phones allow for the central station to speak with the homeowner or intruder. Also known as Immediate Audio-Response monitoring.

10. Security

Security is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime. Security as a form of protection are structures and processes that provide or improve security as a condition.

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