Help To Prevent Home Invasions

A home invasion can rob residents of more than their possessions. Serious injury or death could result. Even if no physical injury occurs, the memory can haunt a family long after the incident. A sense of loss, fearfulness and the violation of personal space can take a significant toll on victims. The psychological scars can last a lifetime.

Different methods and tools are used by perpetrators to gain entrance into the home. Deception is a common method used during daylight or early evening hours. Someone could use the excuse of needing help or having to use the phone. Criminals also could kick in a door or window, pick locks or pry open an entryway.

Law enforcement officials report that about half of the individuals involved in home invasion carried a weapon. About 47 percent of victims sustained some sort of injury.

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to this sort of crime. Making your home less attractive to criminals by protecting it with a home alarm system can serve as a significant deterrent.

Law enforcement personnel say that there is a rising tide of home invasions. In March, 2012 alone:

  • One man was killed and two others were wounded in a Pasadena, CA home invasion.
  • Four armed men broke into a home, held down the father and severely beat a teenage boy in Hubert, NC.
  • Frightened residents of one Columbus, OH neighborhood are on alert after two armed robberies in nearby homes within one week.
  • A Bedford, OH man was accosted in his home by two men who entered while a third accomplice talked with him.
  • Two armed men robbed residents in a home invasion in Albany, GA.
  • A Pittsburgh, PA man was shot and seriously wounded when his home was invaded by four teenagers.
  • Two to three armed suspects invaded a home in Middletown, OH and committed a robbery.

Protecting the home from invasion before a crime occurs is a homeowner’s best option. Sturdy metal doors equipped with deadbolts can be used along with a good home alarm system that will alert law enforcement authorities.

Keeping windows secure can also help to deter criminals. Usually, criminals will seek the easiest target available. Make the home secure and stop them in their tracks.
Victims of home invasion risk more than their valuable possessions. According to law enforcement authorities, about half of them sustain some sort of injury. Some of them even die. Without a physical injury, the experience can leave a homeowner shaken, having lost the sense of security once enjoyed in the home. The horror of having personal living space violated in this way can haunt an individual for years.

Most home invasions occur when the residence looks like an easy target. Keep the premises protected by a well-functioning alarm system that will quickly and automatically bring law enforcement personnel to investigate. This one measure may prevent crimes from occurring in the first place.

Other Security Measures

• Equip your house with sturdy solid wood or metal doors that are not easily kicked in. All doors into the home should be of this type. Reinforce the doorframe and install reliable deadbolt locks. This is the first line of defense for the home. Also install a peephole in the door at eye level so you can see who is there before letting them in.

• Windows can be made less vulnerable by applying security film or installing Plexiglas on the inside. Keep them locked and make sure that locks, frames and windows are all kept in good repair.

• Visibility is protective, so trim or remove plants and objects that obscure the doors or windows of the home. Use outdoor lights installed out of reach so criminals are not allowed to work undetected in a darkened yard.

• Finally, protect the home with a reliable and properly installed alarm system. When criminals know that a home invasion will quickly notify the police, they are less likely to disturb residents.

In a home that is properly protected, no one needs to worry about who might come in the middle of the night. Even during the day, keeping the alarm engaged when leaving the home is a sensible precaution. Don’t be an easy target. A quality home security system protects valuable possessions and irreplaceable family members. It’s simply the right thing to do.

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Hasan / July 21, 2012
yes! It is better to inalstl security systems in our houses right now to protect our family. We don't know what other people can do just to have some money.