Easy Ways To Make Your Home Safer

A home should be a sanctuary and a safe haven. You can ensure that you and your loved ones remain out of harm’s way in your home.

Here are 10 ways to protect your home better:

1, Install a home alarm system. It’s the easiest and best way to monitor and protect your home against possible break-ins.

2, It’s very important to stay on a lookout for strange people in your neighborhood. If you see strange cars sitting in front of homes or suspicious characters in your neighborhood, then alert the local police.

3, Never answer the door for somebody that you do not know or who cannot identify themselves adequately. Often, crooks stalk homes and people to figure out schedules to plan to break in when you are away.

4, Inform neighbors and the police if you are going to be away. Stop all postal mail and newspaper deliveries as stacks of these materials will attract attention, making your house a target for break-in.

5, When you are away, carry with you emergency telephone numbers of the local police, county sheriff’s office and several nearby neighbors. Having these numbers handy can decrease the time it takes you to call for help.

6, Check into the possibility of organizing a Neighborhood Watch where you live. A Neighborhood Watch should help to deter burglaries in your area.

7, Ensure all external doors are bolted inside and outside when you are planning to be away. Locked doors make it more difficult for burglars to enter your home and might discourage or prevent them from breaking in.

8, Don’t leave house keys hidden outside your home. A burglar might locate the keys and unlock an outside door to your home. Never leave notes on the door for family members or deliver companies if you are away.

9, Consider utilizing a house-sitter while you are away from home. The presence of a person within your home could prevent a possible burglary.

10, Make sure shrubbery and trees don’t hide doors and windows. Shielded entrances can provide greater cover for burglars to enter your residence unnoticed by neighbors and passers-by.

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