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Free Home Security Consultation

We've made it simple for You to take advantage of this Limited Time Special Offer. First we schedule a Free in-home consultation to do a complete analysis of your home. We identify "problem" areas and show you how to fix them. We also provide education about the reality of security, such as where criminals most likely to break in. Just call us and we'll take care of the rest. There is absolutely no-obligation to meet with a security advisor.

adt home alarm systemFree Home Security Equipment

With $99 installation fee and alarm monitoring services.

adt home alarm systemFree Activation

There is no activation fee to get your security system up and running.

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As long as ADT monitors your system, no charge for parts or labor.

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A state-of-the-art wireless security system with 9 doors/windows protected! You just choose the monthly monitoring package that works best for your needs.

Best ADT Home Alarm System

An effective home alarm system is the hallmark of a well-designed security package. Think about it: In the event of a home intrusion or sudden flare-up, time is of the essence. Hours pass like minutes, and minutes pass like seconds. That’s why you need a high-performing alarm installed in your home to alert you of any household hazards the moment they crop up.

What you might not realize though, is that alarm systems stretch across the board in terms of functionality, accessibility and scope. Thanks to innovations within the home security industry, alarm systems now come in many flavors; it’s up to you to decide what type matches your home’s safety needs. To make things easier, we’ve combed the home security reviews and highlighted the key features every consumer should consider while shopping for a home alarm.

Alarm systems: Local vs. monitored

The biggest distinction between alarm systems isn’t plainly visible – it actually has to do with a security company’s service rather than its hardware. What it boils down to is whether your home alarm is locally fixed or tracked by professionals in a remote monitoring center.

Local alarms are limited in their coverage. Basically, a local alarm will sound within your house and within your house exclusively. That means if you’re not at home to hear the alert, an incident could occur without you knowing until it’s too late. Monitored alarm systems, however, are connected to surveillance centers staffed by security specialists. The best home alarm systems are linked to command centers that operate round the clock, so no matter the hour, no matter your location, you’ll have the comfort of knowing your house is monitored by professionals.

How to spot the best home alarm system

Home alarm systems can protect homes in more than one way. While many homeowners set out to purchase an alarm that alerts them to break-ins, what you should know is that high-quality alarms are capable of much more. A comprehensive security system is also able to notify residents in the event of elevated carbon monoxide levels or uncontrolled fire. Additionally, the best home alarm systems are equipped with high decibel sirens that can reach every corner of the house in the event of an emergency.

All that said, top grade alarm systems specialize in deterring break-ins from the inside out. Quality systems include multiple points of protection, supplying customers with a way to safeguard all their home’s entryways. Each sensor should be able to notify residents when a door or window is opened. On top of that, efficient alarm systems will also include motion detection. The top names carry infrared-enabled detectors that are so advanced they can distinguish between the pitter-patter of your pet scurrying around the carpet and the heavy-footed movement of a human intruder.

Is there a catch?

No, not really. You will receive our state of the art security system 100% free of charge. You will of course pay for a small, one-time $99 installation charge to cover the cost of sending a licensed, experienced security system installer to your home.

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