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Keep Your Family Safe with Fire Extinguisher

In addition to working smoke detectors, every family should have UL certified fire extinguishers strategically placed in rooms such as the kitchen, garage or workshop. Fire extinguishers are your second line of defense behind a smoke detector and can be

How To Prevent Fires In Your Home

You must be aware of ways to prevent the chance of devastating fires in your home. Hire a professional to ascertain whether or not your home electrical wiring, gas, heating and air conditioning are all in order. Take simple steps

Fire Safety Items to Have in Your Home

Fire safety items are essential life-saving devices that you should have in your home. They will come in handy in case of accidental fires. Often, local building codes make it mandatory to have these products. Fire-fighting items are useful to

Where to Place Smoke Detectors in The Home

When you make that all-too-important decision to install smoke detectors in your home, you may have trouble deciding where to place the detectors. Since this device is essential in warning you of sudden fires, increased heat or smoke , you