Cable Company Alarm Systems

Cable Company Alarm Systems

Is It a Good Idea To Have One Installed?

Here’s a short story about cable company alarm systems.

Today I received a call from a nice lady who had signed a contract with AT&T to provide her alarm monitoring and an alarm system. They were not familiar with the security system that was installed in the home that he just purchased. They advised her that she would need to find an alarm company that could have a technician get her system up and running and programmed to send signals to their central station. Are you kidding me? We are not talking about an old and outdated off brand security system. This home had a General Electric alarm system (one of the three major manufacturers of alarm systems) that was only four years old!

People have to understand that this is not like picking a calling plan and an internet speed and a TV channel line up, and you’re done. Every home is a little unique, and every homeowner is very unique. A alarm system needs to be designed by a professional. In the industry who can customize each system to fit the needs of the individual users, and needs to be installed by a trained and experienced technician who can program the alarm system to work most effectively for those individuals. We have to make sure that the equipment is installed properly to work effectively and not cause false alarms.

Whether someone’s alarm system is serviced by AT&T, Cox, or Time/Warner, I have never met anyone who raved about the wonderful customer service that they receive from their cable provider. Why would they want to add security to the list of things that they receive bad customer service from? If they do not even have technicians with the skills to put a new system online, how are they going to provide repair service when these systems are malfunctioning and require a service call? Maybe instead of adding to the list of bad services that these companies can offer the public, they should concentrate on improving the services that they currently provide. Cable company alarm systems are low priced for a reason. There is a high cost of the low prices with cable company alarm systems.

We pride ourselves in providing an excellent life saving device to our clients. I love my business. Love saving homes, providing a valuable service, professional installation and knowledge of any security system. Of course we are in business to make money but its better to make money being in a business that we love. Cable companies are getting into the security business for one reason:
Because they can. There are only 22% of american homeowners have alarm systems as opposed to 90% with TV’s and 95% with some kind of telephone service.
There’s a lot of room to grow.
When its all about making money, i wonder how much care is going into installing the system.

Let me know what you think about this…


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