Currently, burglary is the second most prevalent crime in America. For this reason, the majority of homeowners are concerned about home security. When thinking about home security, there are three aspects that you should pay attention to when increasing the security level of your home. These are time, light and noise. The reason these three aspects demand attention is because most criminals hone their craft so they can work quickly, quietly and in darkness.

Honeywell Lynx Touch with Z-Wave®

Honeywell’s newest LYNX Touch self-contained security system includes two alarm industry firsts that will allow installers to more easily provide local and remote services, which are increasingly popular among homeowners who want to control their security using mobile devices. The

Honeywell Tuxedo Wireless Keypad is Here

Honeywell released the Wi-Fi version of Tuxedo Touch, a touchscreen security and automation controller with Z-Wave functionality. Wi-Fi eliminates the need to run a CAT5 when connecting to a local area network—an enhancement that greatly simplifies the installation process while

Wireless ADT Security Systems

Everything is wireless these days: computers, cellphones, internet connections, and even video game controllers.  So why should home security systems be any different?  ADT Security Services ( ADT,LLC ), the United States’ most trusted home and business security provider, has

Safety Precautions for Your Rural Home

Though humans are generally social creatures, frequently we feel the need to set ourselves apart from society and escape to the countryside.  We crave the solitude provided by dense forest, the peacefulness of a lake nestled deep in the woods,

About ADT Home Security and Blue Light

ADT & Blue Light Security ADT Security Services ( ADT,LLC ) is North America’s most trusted security provider.   For the last 138 years, home and business owners all over the world have turned to ADT for their security needs.  The

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of unsuspecting victims in the United States every year. Often called the “Silent Killer” because it is virtually undetectable by the human senses, carbon monoxide is the product of

Five Great Home Security Tips

A lot of homeowners are security minded when they move into a new house. After they’ve been there for a while however, the steps they take to ensure their home’s security begin to slip. Here are a few ideas to

Sense of False Security

We’ve all seen the popular Christmas “Home Alone” movies, and if you were lucky like I was, you were a child when they came out and enjoyed them thoroughly. One of the most memorable parts of the movie for me,

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