Currently, burglary is the second most prevalent crime in America. For this reason, the majority of homeowners are concerned about home security. When thinking about home security, there are three aspects that you should pay attention to when increasing the security level of your home. These are time, light and noise. The reason these three aspects demand attention is because most criminals hone their craft so they can work quickly, quietly and in darkness.

How to Choose the Right Home Security System

How to Choose a Home Security System Choosing the right security system for your home could be such a hurdle. You want a secured environment for you and your family, but you are not sure where to turn to. Convenience

Choosing Between DIY and Traditional Alarm Systems

Security is serious business. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between traditional home alarm systems and DIY alarm solutions. Don’t be fooled by DIY alarm companies that lead you to believe that they offer advanced technology or products that

Best Home Security Systems

Blue Light Security offer the best home security systems providing the highest levels of protection at the lowest monitoring prices! We view home security differently than other companies. While other companies want to have you install your own system, no long-term contracts and

Home security facts

Long gone are the days of leaving your door unlocked at night or having your neighbor pick up your mail while you’re out of town. Today’s homeowners need to be more vigilant than ever before. The simple matter is that

ADT Realtor Program

ADT Realtor Program   Although our businesses are different, they are closely related and we have similar goals. We both strive to provide a quality service that earns the trust of our clients and offers them peace of mind. That’s

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The Components of a Home Security System

Our family’s safety is always one of our priorities in life. We consider our home to be one of the safest places to be. However, this haven is not always out of danger especially if we fail install the right

Why Installing a Home Security System Is Essential?

Why Installing a Home Security System is Essential? Only 15% of U.S homes age a home security system, despite the peace of mind and protection they offer agains burglary, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. If you don’t currently have a

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