An Investment in Home Security is an Investment in Neighborhood Security

home security cameraNot only is investing in home security a great way to protect your own family, it can benefit your neighbors as well. When Florida police were attempting to identify suspects responsible for a recent Tampa Bay mugging, a home security camera belonging to a neighbor of the victim caught the whole scene on tape. According to a Tampa Bay Times article, after the police posted the violent video on YouTube, they received numerous tips regarding the suspects’ identities within hours. Police told the Times that home security cameras are becoming more and more helpful as crime solving tools.
It used to be that the police could only turn to businesses and government entities for surveillance tapes, like local gas stations, schools, and corner stores. Because criminals grew wise to this, they began to conduct their business in residential areas where they were less likely to be caught on tape. Now that surveillance technology has become cheap enough for the average homeowner to invest in however, depending on where the crime takes place, the police can use tapes from any number of home security cameras to assist them in apprehending dangerous criminals.
In addition to solving crimes that have already taken place, police hope that home security cameras will deter crime as well. As criminals become increasingly aware of the fact that the declining costs of surveillance technology is causing an increase in neighborhood home security cameras, the likelihood that they will choose to commit a crime in a residential area falls as well. Therefore, by making the investment in a cost effective home security system, not only will your family be protected, you have the opportunity to protect your neighbors, and benefit your entire community as well.


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