ADT Home Security Affiliate Program

Do you have friends, family or customers who might benefit from having ADT?

As one of the nation's leading ADT Dealers, Blue Light Security, Inc is your direct link to marketing and selling the ADT offer. We are one of the first authorized dealers to introduce offline and online marketing partners into our affiliate program, allowing our partners to drive and track both online and offline sales.

We view our network as business partners, and we work hard to customize and improve our products, tools, and compensation to ensure that we grow together.

Our most successful partners focus on creating a great overall sales experience, using home security to enhance their current sales process. Our robust reporting provides all your interactions to track from initial lead capture all the way through installation. Our partners have the luxury of real-time lead dispositions, making it a seamless customer, partner and company experience.

Program Features include:

  • Earn between $150-$1200 per closed sale!
  • Weekly pay for all referrals
  • No risk, no obligation!
  • No Chargebacks!
  • Real time tracking of dedicated toll-free number.
  • No cost for full-color, customized ADT promotional materials.
  • Just refer! Our salespeople sell the ADT alarm services.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing channel is well known for its ability to close the deal – it drives the highest conversion rates of any channel, as well as higher average order sizes. But more than that, affiliate marketing is uniquely aligned with today's consumer focus on value.

Affiliate marketing is also the name of the industry where a number of different types of companies and individuals are performing this form of Internet marketing, including affiliate networks, affiliate management companies, specialized third party vendors, and various types of affiliates/publishers who promote the products and services of their partners.

Real Time Tracking

Blue Light Security, Inc operates an in-house sales facility to handle inbound phone calls generated by our affiliates. Affiliates have the opportunity to drive sales online or over the phone, therefore receive the same commission regardless of how the consumer orders. When you join the Blue Light Security affiliate program, you'll automatically receive your dedicated phone number. Affiliates have access to real-time statistics on calls, sales, and payment information.

Cost Per Acquisition

The purest form of performance based marketing is a cost per acquisition model, or CPA. Under a CPA agreement, affiliates are paid only when a new customer is acquired. This model aligns the interests of both parties: Affiliates strive to drive qualified traffic that converts into sales, and Merchants strive to increase conversion rates on their websites and in their call centers.
CPA has the highest payout model of all affiliate programs

Cost Per Lead

With cost per lead programs, merchants pay affiliates for every qualified lead they receive. Regardless of how the lead is delivered (over the phone, or posting from a website), merchants have the ability to define what constitutes a qualified lead. Online lead generation forms utilized by affiliates are required to filter out unqualified customers by asking specific qualifying questions. CPL has a lower payout model but it is of a higher volume.
If you are an experienced affiliate looking for information about our program, please contact us.


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