Limited Time Internet Offer!

Most of our online competitors offer only 3 sensors and 1 motion detector. But we know, that your house needs more protection. So, for a Limited Time Only, for the same $99 installation charge we offer 6 door and window sensors with our state-of-the-art home alarm system. That is 2 times the protection than you would get from other security companies. There is no extra charge for you for this extra protection

free equipmentFree In-Home Security Consultation

We offer a FREE No-Obligation, in-home security consultation. Our security advisor will go over your home security concerns and help you decide which package best suits your needs. Call us to schedule your free consultation, or simply fill out our contact form to the right to have a security professional call you.

free equipmentOnly $99 & No Hidden Costs

We charge only a $99 installation fee, which covers all the cost associated with our offer.

free equipmentNo Activation Fee

There is no activation fee to get your home security system up and running.

free equipmentFree ADT Monitored Wireless Security System

An $850 Value for Free


Other Advantages to Having a Wireless Security System

  • Our wireless system is offered in a package, including door/window sensors, motion detector, remote control and much more.  
  • Wireless security systems are extremely mobile. Should you decide to move or just relocate the equipment, you can easily do so.
  • With no wires to worry about, placing everything where you need it the most for the best possible security is always a possibility.
  •  With most wireless systems, you will be able to have window and door sensors added easily. This will help to ensure that your windows and doors are secure against burglars.

In order to make an informed decision about whether this is the right home security system for you, you need to spend some time researching. Keeping your family protected is definitely important these days, so do everything you can now to ensure that you are doing just that. With this security system, you will not have to worry that you are not doing everything you can because the simple fact is that you will be doing it.


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100% Wireless System-
No drilling-No Mess!

Add more sensors at any time

With entirely wireless sensors and controls, adding new components is easy, so your system can grow with your needs. Every component comes with batteries pre-installed and adhesive tape pre-applied, making installing a new sensor hassle-free.
Installing a custom alarm system in your home has never been so easy. You choose the components you need and we'll program everything for you. The sensors are mounted with an industrial grade peel & stick tape. No drilling and no mess.

200 ft. wireless range

Every sensor can communicate with the control panel up to 200 ft. away. That's enough to protect homes of any size.

3-year Sensor Batteries included

Batteries come pre-installed into each of your sensors. You can easily get more from us - and they take just seconds to replace.

Built in wireless

Works independent of your home wifi. ADT keypad is equipped to communicate with your sensors on its own.