ADT The Leading Home Security Company

ADT is the largest security provider in the United States. It offers a wide array of security monitoring services and one of which is to monitor your home from burglary, fire and carbon monoxide. It also offers other services such as fire and temperature monitoring and other critical circumstances. Home security services market is very competitive because of so many providers offering their best deals. However, ADT remains the best home security system and here are the reasons why.

Financial Advantages
With ADT re-sellers, homeowners are not only safe from any danger but they are also financially benefited. Its security services are affordable with very minimal monthly dues of at least $1 a day. The company also gives an opportunity for homeowners to lessen their Home Owner’s Insurance as high as 20%. Above all, homeowners are guaranteed to get back the money they spent on installations and monitoring services, if the company fails to resolve some sort of problems within a six month period after installation. The company also offers a protection guarantee in the event of burglary. This entitles every homeowner an insurance deductible as high as $500, if the alarm system is armed during the incident.

Fast and reliable
ADT is well known for its fast responses to all alarms. This is made possible by several local offices stationed around the country. ADT also offers 24-hour monitoring services, just like most of the companies out there. So what makes this company more reliable compared to others? As the largest security company in the United States, ADT has 6 monitoring centres around the country. In the event that one of the centres is experiencing trouble, one centre will cover the troubled services and make sure that continuous and high quality services take place.

State-of-the-art technology
ADT is not only known for its reliability and fast alarm responses. It is also renowned for its usage of highly advanced security technology to ensure consumer safety. Its home security system is also equipped with other technological advancements that offer great convenience to the homeowners aside from the peace of mind of being safe and secure 24/7.

Long history of reputable services
Today, ADT is responsible for the security of about 8.3 millions of customers in the United States. It has a long history of high quality security services for 130 years. This company does not only provide service in US but the rest of the world. It has branches in Canada and Latin America. It also offers its services in Europe particularly in UK and Ireland. In fact, ADT is also the leading security company in UK, protecting more than 250k family homes and 160k commercial premises. Other countries enjoying the services of this company also include some Asian countries (China, Hong Kong, India, etc.), South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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