ADT Monitored Home Security Systems Now Available Without a Landline

If you’ve cancelled your home security plan or have decided not to install a security system because you don’t want the extra expense of paying for a land line telephone, we’ve got great news for you. An ADT Monitored Home Security system installed by Blue Light Security no longer requires you to have a land line. All that’s necessary to sign up and get started is a cell phone number. And don’t worry—there’s no disadvantage of going with a cellphone over a land line when equipping your home with a security system. Both will provide you with the exact same protection and coverage that ADT customers have come to expect from North America’s biggest and most trusted home security provider.

How it Works

Our external dispatchers communicate with an easy-installable LCD digital keypad to monitor your home 24/7 with or without a landline. If the dispatchers are informed by motion detectors or panic buttons that your home’s security has been breached, they will get in touch with local emergency personnel and send them to your house in a hurry. The same goes for ADT’s fire protection plan and medical emergency coverage. No landline is required for the dispatchers to communicate with your system in order to detect a fire and contact the fire department. Just press the panic button for a fire or medical emergency on the keypad and someone will be on their way to help.


Everything is wireless these days, including installation. As an ADT authorized dealer, Blue Light Security customers get all the equipment they need to protect their home from intruders and fire free of charge. All that is required to get your home set up with door and window protection, pet-immune motion detectors, two key chain remote controls, the LCD digital keypad with a backup battery, and ADT window decals is a $99 installation fee. Plus, like previously mentioned, the installation is largely wireless. Apart from creating a connection to your home’s electrical circuit, an ADT monitored home security system can be installed without drilling multiple holes in your drywall. Therefore, it hardly takes any time at all.

Stop making excuses for setting up your family with the protection they deserve. Call Blue Light Security today and get a home security system installed as soon as possible. No landline or messy holes in your walls are required, so what are you waiting for?

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Nancy billy / September 12, 2013
Already have ADT no home phone needed
Nodin / December 18, 2012
It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snuhsnie.
G.A / November 25, 2012
Great news to all who are planning to installed home security system.