ADT Burglar Alarms Special Internet Offer-6 Sensors Free!

Most of our online competitors offer only 3 sensors and 1 motion detector. But we know, that your house needs more protection. So, for a Limited Time Only, for the same $99 installation charge we offer 6 door and window sensors with our state-of-the-art home burglar alarm system. That is 2 times the protection than you would get from other security companies. There is no extra charge for you for this extra protection

adt burglar alarm free equipmentFree Home Security Equipment

With $99 installation fee and alarm monitoring services.

adt burglar alarms free equipmentFree Activation

There is no activation fee to get your security system up and running.

adt burglar alarmsFree Maintenance

As long as ADT monitors your system, no charge for parts or labor.

adt burglar alarmsFree Consultation

We offer a FREE No-Obligation, in-home security consultation. Our security advisor will help you with your home security concerns.

adt burglar alarms no hidden costsNo Hidden Costs

A state-of-the-art wireless security system with 9 doors/windows protected! You just choose the monthly monitoring package that works best for your needs.


ADT Burglar Alarms Systems Are Designed To Protect:

  • The most vulnerable areas of your home.
  • Highly targeted areas by intruders.
  • The perimeter and interior of your home.


Your system helps detect potential intruders before they even step inside by securing the perimeter or entry points of your home. Doors, windows, and major traffic areas can be monitored, even notifying ADT command centers exactly which protected area has detected a break in.


State of the art motion detectors are important part of the ADT burglar alarms system. They provide an invisible blanket of protection over a wide area inside your home. Even if an intruder were to enter the home, our completely wireless burglary detectors sense human body heat and movement, instantly activating the system and notifying the ADT command center with detailed information.
Glass-break detectors are designed to monitor for special frequencies that usually occur when glass is broken. This can allow a single sensor to monitor several windows, as long as they are within range of the sensor. Should they detect the breaking of any glass, ADT's monitoring centers will be immediately notified.

Keychain Remote

ADT offers a wide variety of convenience features with a home burglar alarm system, that enhances the usability of your home alarm system, while offers extra protection. Some of the convenience factors of the Key-chain Remote is that it eliminates the need for multiple keypads through out the home. It can operate the burglar alarm system from up to 200 feet away from the keypad, anywhere on your property. Remote controls can be programmed to alert police, fire and medical departments with a push of a button.

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Protect Your Home from Invasion

Being secure in a home is priceless. Once victimized in a home invasion, individuals may carry emotional scars of fear and horror for many years. The sense of loss and violation can be overwhelming. To keep this sort of thing from happening, it is important to make the home as safe and secure as possible. Even a burglary that occurs when no one is home can have devastating psychological consequences, making a person feel insecure and violated.

Prevention is the most important weapon a homeowner has. Most criminals will seek out the easiest target. A home that is protected by a functioning alarm system and equipped with sturdy doors and windows that are kept locked will not usually attract their attention.

Tips to Keep your Home and Occupants Safe and Secure:

• Call for an appointment to have a free security consultation.
• Have an alarm system installed that will summon police when triggered.
• Keep all doors and windows locked.
• Install solid wood or steel doors at all entrances.
• Install sturdy deadbolt locks.
• Reinforce the door and window frames.
• Use three-inch nails in door frames.
• Install a peep hole at eye level in each door.
• Devise a security plan together with family members and practice for emergencies.
• Vary daily routine.
• Use outdoor lights so criminals cannot work in a darkened area.
• Trim or remove trees and other objects that obscure entrances.
• Coat windows with security film or install Plexiglas.

It is the responsibility of the adults in a household to teach children how to respond in an emergency. Have a plan for the family to use in case of fire, home invasion or another crisis. Set telephones to speed dial 911 and have one available in every room. Teach children how to use the panic button that comes with the alarm system.

No one wants to think their home could become a target for criminals. The best way to ensure that it won’t is to be prepared. Make the house a difficult target and most criminals will look for easier pickings elsewhere.

Call today for a free security evaluation. Take advantage of our offer for nine window and door alarms and a motion detector at no extra cost. Why worry about home invasion when a few simple steps will make that possibility very remote?

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